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What Can You Expect?

The lesson program at Hunters Edge Stables offers private, semi-private and group lessons for the beginner to advanced rider. We offer individual attention in a safe atmosphere for our riders. Because of our individualized approach to teaching, we are able to allow our students to approach riding as relaxed or as competitive as they would like. Our lesson horses and ponies are well trained and offer excellent learning opportunities for our students. We also strive to teach our students about care for the horse and so some lessons are “in the barn” rather than mounted.

Benefits of Riding

  • Offers companionship between horse and rider

  • Teaches discipline, responsibility and patience

  • Increases coordination

  • Great exercise for rider and horse

  • Instills good sportsmanship

  • Provides opportunities to meet new friends who share the love of horse with you

Private vs Group Lessons

Private lessons provide one-on-one interaction with an instructor and skill focused improvement with rider/horse combinations. Group lessons provide a fun way for a group of friends to improve on their riding skills.

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