What is an IEA team?

The IEA program provides a team experience for equestrian athletes for riders of every level, beginner to advanced.  The HES team of riders will travel to IEA shows and at each show the riders will ride a horse provided at the show by the host or hosts of the show.  Each team member has the opportunity to compete in a maximum of 5 regular season shows.  IEA is a national organization with the country divided up into zones made up of several states.  HES is in Zone 4, Region 10.  At the end of the competition season, we have Regional finals, Zone finals and then National finals.  The HES team coach will chose point riders in each division at the show.  The points these riders earn combine for a total team score.  There are awards given at each show for both high school and middle school teams.  Team points are tallied up at the end of each show and the ENTIRE team may qualify for Regionals by accumulating 20 team points or more for the year.  Individual riders may also qualify by earning a minimum of 18 points within 5 shows.     

Benefits of joining an IEA Team

  • Offers a team experience for an otherwise individual sport
  • Teaches discipline, responsibility and patience
  • Riders do not have to own or lease a horse in order to compete in horse shows
  • Riders of every level may compete
  • Instills good sportsmanship
  • Provides opportunities to meet new friends both on the HES team and other riders all over the country who share the same passion for horses and riding 
  • Excellent preparation for joining an IHSA Collegiate Riding team when in college and/or Collegiate riding scholarships at certain schools 

Want to learn more?  

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